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Sports Games

Sports Games
Street Sesh 2 - Downhill Jam Street Sesh 2 - Downhill Jam Get Bonus points and a new pair of shoes with the special shoe boxes. Add points to your score with the brown shoe boxes.Use your skills to collect all the items you can.
Sidering Knockout Sidering Knockout The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt. Try to do combinations and dodge the opponents punches. A tip would be to find the best key combination and use it repetitively. Try not to get hit by spamming punches.
Side Kick 2007 Side Kick 2007 Batman, Dr. Evil, Jay Leno, everybody has got a sidekick! Here's your Sidekick if you're a kicker dude!? Play soccer (football) against the comp or a friend.
Penalty Fever Penalty FeverTry to kick the soccer ball and get it into the goal. Then switch and defend your goal.
Hot Blood Boxing Hot Blood Boxing A great stress reliever! Box against the computer or bring in a friend.
2D Knock-Out 2D Knock-Out 2D Knock-Out 2D Knock-Out Travel around the world and defeat all the boxers.
Tennis Game Tennis Game This is the most fun and enjoying tennis game with ultra cool graphics to keep you playing for several hours. Enjoy!
Braap Braap Braap Braap Motocross games with nice shockwave 3d graphics!
Motorcycle Racer Motorcycle Racer Drive in 3 different races in the least possible time and become the most famous motor race champion ever!
Air Raid Basketball Air Raid Basketball This is not a team based basketball, it's a street basketball 1 on 1 challenge.